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How to Join Dropship Agent?

We are open for PREPAID/DROPSHIP MEMBER subscription.
Wholesale/bulk purchase are welcome as well.

You can copy and upload all our product pictures to your Facebook Esgesee product / website / whatever online. Price and promotion is up to you as a seller.

Esgesee is a supplier, managing of your orders and send the order to your customer’s address.

The process looks like this:

  • STEP 1: Choose your PREPAID PLAN Membership in the table below. You can also see it here.
  • Membership Plan
    Each Top Up Required
    Free Credit
    Esgesee Basic
    No Discount
    Esgesee Gold
    Esgesee Platinum
    Esgesee VIP
    Esgesee VVIP
  • STEP 2: Make a payment to the bank account Esgesee (see here http://www.esgesee.com/payment/).
  • STEP 3: After making payment please SMS/whatsapp (012-5746790) or email (sale@esgesee.com) to us.
           > Please include:
                 i) your email
                ii) The amount of payment:RM
               iii) PLAN name (BASIC / GOLD / PLATINUM / VIP / VVIP)
  • STEP 4: Wait 15minutes. Once we’ve update your TOP UP (PREPAID) you can make a minimum purchase of 1 item.
  • STEP 5: If you are an online fashion retailer please follow these steps in order here: http://www.esgesee.com/how-to-buy/


    Hurray! It’s pretty straightforward step!

    Its so easy to be our ‘women’s fashion reseller and dropship agent’ without any additional charged. Just get your online shop ready!

    women fashion dropship

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