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Saban hari semakin ramai usahawan muda yang mula mendapat pendapatan yang lumayan. Malah memang tidak dinafikan peluang perniagaan semakin banyak dan memerlukan tenaga kerja yang ramai. Namun ada juga perniagaan yang hanya memerlukan anda seorang sahaja dan ia boleh dilakukan secara online.

Salah satu daripada peluang perniagaan online tersebut ialah mulakan perniagaan online secara drop-ship. Ramai yang pernah mendengar mengenai perniagaan online drop-ship ini. Malah perniagaan online secara drop-ship ini merupakan perniagaan online yang sangat disukai dan mudah dijalankan di kalangan pelajar university, bekerja di hadapan computer, pengguna smartphone dan suri rumah sepenuh masa.

Secara ringkasnya, perniagaan online drop-ship merupakan perniagaan online yang paling mudah dan menjimatkan masa dan tenaga.Di mana agent drop-ship hanya perlu melakukan promosi, membuat order dan masukkan maklumat pembeli di dalam laman web pemilik bisnes tersebut. Agent drop-ship juga perlu mark-up sedikit harga mereka semasa mereka membuat promosi atau sebelum memaklumkan harga kepada pembeli seterusnya pembeli melakukan pembayaran kepada akaun mereka. Anda kurang faham? Mari saya tunjukkan analogi perniagaan online drop-ship ni.

“Liza ialah Agent drop-ship kepada produk pakaian wanita milik”

Liza lihat harga di laman web

Harga pakaian di RM21.00

Liza copy gambar produk pakaian tersebut dan upload ke Facebook Liza .

Seterusnya Liza nyatakan harga pakaian tersebut ialah: RM35.00

Pelanggan Liza membuat bayaran RM35.00 dan untung Liza:RM14.00

Jadi Prepaid Credit Liza di akan ditolak secara automatic sebanyak RM21.00 sahaja.

Bermakna Liza telah markup keuntungan RM14.00. Itu sahaja Liza perlu buat. Proses penghantaran semua akan di uruskan oleh Liza hanya perlu update tracking number sahaja kepada customer.

*contoh di atas tidak termasuk kos Poslaju. Walaubagaimanapun kos poslaju adalah bergantung kepada berat bungkusan dan pakaian. Kebiasaan kos penghantaran di antara semenanjung Malaysia untuk 1 helai baju adalah RM6.00 sahaja. Seperti biasa anda perlu nyatakan kos Poslaju kepada pelanggan anda.

 Mudah bukan?

Bukan setakat produk pakaian sahaja, hampir kesemua jenis bisnes sekarang memerlukan Agent drop-ship. Begitu juga di Anda yang berminat untuk menjadi agen drop-ship bagi koleksi fesyen keluaran boleh lah bertindak mulai sekarang. Di mana untung yang lumayan bakal menanti agent-agent drop-ship.

Banyak sebenarnya kelebihan menjadi agent drop-ship ni. Selain menjimatkan masa dan tenaga, anda tak perlu tumpu pada satu bisnes sahaja.Anda juga boleh menjadi agen drop-ship produk yang lain juga. Menarik kan?Jadi jom bertindak sekarang!

Perniagaan fesyen online di hanya bermula dengan modal serendah RM200.00 sahaja.

Bagi anda yang berminat untuk menjadi Agen drop-ship Koleksi Fesyen Korea boleh lah berbuat demikian melalui pautan di bawah. [KLIK]

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Welcome back to our blog. If you are a fan of long sleeves fashion style our online fashion store is the best place for you to start your purchase today.

One of the season most exciting and versatile trends is the Long-sleeved fashion style.

Long-sleeved fashion style have replaced the strapless styles of years past, and can be worn any time of year, though they have become especially popular in the past month. Long-sleeved fashion style have the benefit of providing some added coverage for modesty, and make dresses more stable in form, so the backs of Long-sleeved fashion style can be lowered for a more interesting back.

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These dresses can be worn day or night, and come in a variety of styles. In the past, most dresses with Long-sleeved fashion style were body-con dresses for parties or clubs, but many designers are not making long-sleeved fashion style and ¾ sleeve dresses in styles more appropriate for daytime, and even workwear.

A Long-sleeved fashion style skater dress can be worn in the day or the evening. If you wear it with a pair of trendy flats of loafers, it’s the perfect outfit for a the office, lunch with friends, or a day of shopping. If you pair the same long-sleeved skater dress with a pair of pumps and a cute jacket, it’s the perfect date night look, since it’s a balance of girly and edgy. A long sleeved skater dress has a classic look reminiscent of Grace Kelly who wore many long-sleeved fashion style dresses, even a long sleeve wedding dress.

A long sleeve body-con dress is perfect for a night out because it offers a variety of possible back styles and embellishments, but also provides a little extra coverage to keep the look balanced. A long sleeve dress with a cowl or dipped back is a great party piece.

The sleeves not only ensure the dress is secure, but balance out the exposed skin by providing a little bit of extra coverage. The neckline of a long-sleeved dress also has to be fairly high to support the sleeve fabric. A dress with a low back, and a high neck provides an interesting twist on the usual lowered neck, covered back combination.

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If you want to try the long-sleeved fashion style trend but don’t want to commit to full length opaque sleeves, there are several alternative options. Try out the trend with ¾ length sleeves that come down to just below the elbows. This style is especially good for warmer weather since it allows for less insulation and for the arms to get air. Lace sleeves, which you can find in both ¾ and full length styles.

Lace sleeves also allow you to stay cool. The lace provides a sheer coverage, and some added texture and pattern. This is also a great trend for recycling and re-wearing old dresses. Most seamstresses can add lace sleeves to existing dresses, so you can completely transform an old dress into a new, trendy statement piece.

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Wearing something trendy and new can be fun, but there’s nothing like a classic piece that you can wear confidently any day. There are a few staple pieces of clothing that every woman needs in her wardrobe, and that can form the backbone of a well stocked wardrobe. Pieces like these can be worn day or night, and with the addition of a few accessories, their versatility is seemingly limitless.

The pencil skirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a woman can own, and can be worn to work with a smart shirt, blazer, and kitten heels. The pencil skirt is also a great option to wear out on a date when paired with  a camisole and leather jacker, or to a more formal occasion when paired with a pair of black pumps, a blouse, and a statement necklace. The most flattering and versatile length should hit right above the knee, but if you want a more modest look for work, a hem that hits just below the knee is also very flattering. Black, khaki, and navy blue skirts can easily be paired with a variety of colored tops and accessories.

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A flattering trench coat in a medium weight fabric can be worn any time of year, and looks just as beautiful over a dress as it does over a pair of jeans. When selecting a tench coat, make sure that it has a belt at the waist, to cinch in your middle and provide a flattering shape. Then, check the length and color. Trench coats can very dramatically in size, ranging from hip length, to a hem that hits below the knee. Try on coats of varying lengths and colors to see what you like best—what length is most flattering on your body type, and what color works best with the other pieces in your wardrobe.

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No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. A pair of beautiful ballet flats or smoking loafers always chic and infinitely versatile. A pair of black, grey, or subtly printed flat shoes can be worn with skirts, jeans, or dresses and allow you to walk comfortably and confidently.

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You’ve have created your brand’s image. You’ve identified your target market and begin segmenting it into profiles. You’re joining the group of many others that have started their own online women fashion shops.

However, you have an edge because your business plan has a focus and a specific, narrowed brand. Now the fun part begins: shopping!

Women’s fashion is a huge and diverse market. You can use your target market to guide your stocking choices. Still not sure? Read on for some examples. Using Esgesee’s wide variety of shirts, let’s plan stock for some imaginary brands:

Your brand is classic, vintage-inspired professional wear. Your target market is women who work in office settings but still want to rep a little Jane Eyre without being too kitschy. Some examples of product to stock:

• Flounced Long Sleeved Chiffon Shirt:


• Lantern Style Long Sleeved Top (Comes in three colors!):


• Vertere New Style Top:

Your brand is minimal-detail urbanite functional wear. Your target market is city-living women who are looking for comfortable, functional clothing that can be worn anywhere from the supermarket or paired with heels for an art gallery opening. Some examples of product to stock:

• Blossom Bat Long Sleeved Shirt:

• Long Sleeved Black Top:

• Elegant Stripes Chiffon Shirt:

Your brand is grunge, graffiti-artist inspired street wear. Your target market is the hip urban woman who lives in the grunge-y part of the city completely un-ironically. She is the opposite of a girl-y girl and enjoys drinking whiskey. See examples of product to stock:


• Big Lips T Shirt:


• Camo Chiffon Top:

• Duplex Color Long Sleeved Shirt:

Check out the Esgesee blog for more info to help build your women’s fashion empire! For other wholesale and drop ship products to browse through, check out the “shop” page. >>please leave your opinions in the comments and dont forget to buy from Esgesee fashion!

With the holiday season just around the corner, women everywhere are looking for inspiration for party outfits, and the latest fashion trends, and everybody is checking the latest in women’s fashion online. Jewel tones, embellished collars, and hems hitting just below the knee have been flooding the catwalk as the trends are changing and becoming more sophisticated. This is the perfect opportunity to embrace busy days and take your outfit from day to night, work to holiday party.

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Skirts have been a highlight of women’s fashion online, and are the perfect transition piece, that can easily be dressed up to take you from a day of work or errands to a night out. During the day, pair your favorite skirt with a loose blouse for a sophisticated look. The most popular skirts of the season are mid-length pencil skirts and skater skirts.

For inspiration, look at blogs and forums about women’s fashion online. The web is always a great resource for finding the latest fashion trends and the season’s must have pieces. When it’s time to go out at night, add a statement necklace, a leather jacket, and a pair of heels to dress up the look and give it a little edge.


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Pairing leather with a girly skirt is one of the biggest trends in women’s fashion online, and is extremely flattering. If you prefer pants, try pairing your favorite pair of high-waisted trousers with a silk camisole, the same leather jacket, and low heels for a look modern take on a classic silhouette. This season, the latest fashion trends have been a return to classic looks and shapes, making it easy to transform your outfit from day to night with just a little effort and inspiration from women’s fashion online.


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There are a few methods to determining what looks best on you, here a few options:

Identify which body type you are!

 (1) RULER: “waist and hips are the same size, with a small bust. The focus is to create the illusion of more curves.”

Rulers look best in: -Belts or anything that accentuates the waist -Tops with ruffles around the bust or collar area -Full skirts or bubble skirts

 Make sure to avoid: -Anything too tight fitting that doesnt make your waist look smaller.


(2) APPLE: “top heavy with a wide waist and narrow hips. The focus is to make your bottom half and hips look wider.”

 Apples look best in: -Anything that nips at your waist -Deep v-necks -Full skirts -A-line skirts -Pants with pockets to make your waist look fuller.

Make sure to avoid: -Blouses with puffy shoulders -Tight pants with no pockets -Anything that will make your top half look larger


(3) PEAR: “the hips are the widest part, with a small bust. The focus is to make the bust look larger and draw a bit of the attention away from the hips.”

 Pears look best in: -Anything that accentuates your bust -Tight fitting skirts -Straight pants -Dramatic/colorful/attention grabbing tops -Flare leg pants


Make sure to avoid: Pants with large pockets of details on the hips.


(4) HOURGLASS: “waist and bust are the same size, with a small waist. The focus is to work with your curves and accentuate them.”

Hourglass figures look best in: -Anything that shows off the waist -Pencil skirts

 Make sure to avoid: -Anything that is too baggy and won’t show off your curves!


Do some research on the web to figure out your body type and what works best for you! If you are unsure, check your measurements and research which body type you are.

 -Determine if you have warm or cool undertones and work with your undertones


Here are a few ways to tell:

-If you look better in silver, then you likely have cool undertones. -If you look better in gold, then you likely have warm undertones. -If your veins are blue, your undertones are blue. If your veins are more greenish, then you have warm undertones. -If you look better in blue or white, you probably have cool undertones. People who look better in pinks in oranges tend to have warm undertones.


Cool undertones look best in: purple, blue, deep reds Warm undertones look best in: oranges, yellows, peach, orange reds

These are a few guidelines for picking the right fashion choices for you!

>>please leave your opinions in the comments and dont forget to buy from Esgesee fashion!




You have seen those online stores that sell almost everything—unorganized, unprofessional, and chaotic. There is a sense that the owner doesn’t quite know who they’re selling to or what they want to sell. They list absolutely everything and end up selling nothing. This is why you need customer profiles for your online clothing store. The beauty of fashion retail clothing is the ability to narrow down marketing efforts and product variety to specific customer needs. This is your brand. There is a wide variety of potential products available for wholesale and drop-ship prices—you, as the owner, have the benefit of selecting stock for your brand.

Your brand is defined by the customer profiles you’ve chosen to select and market your product lines to. You develop this by doing both a demographic and psychographic segmentation of potential customers. This is a typical technique used by companies that market everything from supermarket products to luxury vehicles.

Since we’re focusing on online clothing and fashion accessory stores, let’s break down the process of defining your customer’s needs step by step:

Behavioral Segmentation: The first question to ask yourself is: for what reason are people buying these clothes? Do you offer a variety of certain specialty clothing items like formalwear or shoes? Or are you branding yourself to cater to a certain customer profile? If you’re choosing to only stock a variety of one item—let’s say you sell an assortment of socks. Your behavioral segmentation would be occasional. This will help focus product selection as well as marketing techniques. If you’re looking to sell more than one specialty item, your next step is creating your customer profiles. Customer Profiles: As we discussed in a previous post, the popular brand Free People segments their shoppers into five different identities. We talked about “Sandy” and “Meadow” as being two of these. How did they name and define these different profiles? They did two different analyses. From these you get a clearer image of the customers you’re targeting. Demographic Segmentation: Where is your customer from? What income bracket are they in? (This can also help focus product pricing) How old are they? For example, a sixty five year old women is unlikely to be purchasing six inch studded heels. If you’re selecting products for women in this age range, obviously you won’t be looking at items like this. Psychographic Segmentation: This is more of a focus on how your customer describes themselves. Self-values are an important aspect of this—they ask the question: “What is important?” A woman who vehemently hates clubbing is unlikely to be shopping for tight bandage dresses. The second part of the psychographic segmentation revolves around the customer’s self-concept. How does the shopper see themselves? “Sandy,” the Free People shopper sees herself as fun loving, beach-y individual.

Once you have chosen clear customer profiles based on analysis, you now have defined your brand. Choosing products to stock your virtual shelves is the fun part! A wholesale drop-ship company is one of the best options for online fashion retailers. Check out for a fantastic selection of Korean-inspired women’s clothing.


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Buying clothes nowadays has become a challenge for most of us. We don’t know what suits us, we have a hard time figuring what sizes fit us and although we want quality we hate spending lot of money on them. But we forget everything stress-related about the price when we are satisfied we the product, when we try the piece of clothing on and feel like it was made for you! Now you can have excellent quality, lovely style and awesome price all in one! On you will find the latest most trendy clothes this season at a reasonable price.

We mainly sell Korean, Taiwan and Japanese style clothes that are in trend at the moment. These styles are very popular nowadays, and they are requested highly, so on you will find a variety of clothes of this type. Besides the gorgeous styles that they provide, our services are not a thing to forget about. We guarantee that the clothes there have zero defects! That is important for retailers that wish to purchase from ( we offer drop-shipping) because we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with what you’ve ordered and the clothes will be unharmed. We work hard on maintaining the high quality customer service, because here we respect our customers and work to earn their trust.

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The clothes there are always trendy and in stock, so why not give it a try? We won’t disappoint you, we treasure keeping a good relationship with the customers, and they want to keep things that way. With online shopping has become much easier and you can rest assure that everything you will wear from there will definitely be trendy and you will always be a jaw-dropping appearance!


>>please leave your opinions in the comments and dont forget to buy from Esgesee fashion!

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