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One of the season most exciting and versatile trends is the Long-sleeved fashion style.

Long-sleeved fashion style have replaced the strapless styles of years past, and can be worn any time of year, though they have become especially popular in the past month. Long-sleeved fashion style have the benefit of providing some added coverage for modesty, and make dresses more stable in form, so the backs of Long-sleeved fashion style can be lowered for a more interesting back.

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These dresses can be worn day or night, and come in a variety of styles. In the past, most dresses with Long-sleeved fashion style were body-con dresses for parties or clubs, but many designers are not making long-sleeved fashion style and ¾ sleeve dresses in styles more appropriate for daytime, and even workwear.

A Long-sleeved fashion style skater dress can be worn in the day or the evening. If you wear it with a pair of trendy flats of loafers, it’s the perfect outfit for a the office, lunch with friends, or a day of shopping. If you pair the same long-sleeved skater dress with a pair of pumps and a cute jacket, it’s the perfect date night look, since it’s a balance of girly and edgy. A long sleeved skater dress has a classic look reminiscent of Grace Kelly who wore many long-sleeved fashion style dresses, even a long sleeve wedding dress.

A long sleeve body-con dress is perfect for a night out because it offers a variety of possible back styles and embellishments, but also provides a little extra coverage to keep the look balanced. A long sleeve dress with a cowl or dipped back is a great party piece.

The sleeves not only ensure the dress is secure, but balance out the exposed skin by providing a little bit of extra coverage. The neckline of a long-sleeved dress also has to be fairly high to support the sleeve fabric. A dress with a low back, and a high neck provides an interesting twist on the usual lowered neck, covered back combination.

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If you want to try the long-sleeved fashion style trend but don’t want to commit to full length opaque sleeves, there are several alternative options. Try out the trend with ¾ length sleeves that come down to just below the elbows. This style is especially good for warmer weather since it allows for less insulation and for the arms to get air. Lace sleeves, which you can find in both ¾ and full length styles.

Lace sleeves also allow you to stay cool. The lace provides a sheer coverage, and some added texture and pattern. This is also a great trend for recycling and re-wearing old dresses. Most seamstresses can add lace sleeves to existing dresses, so you can completely transform an old dress into a new, trendy statement piece.

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