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You’ve have created your brand’s image. You’ve identified your target market and begin segmenting it into profiles. You’re joining the group of many others that have started their own online women fashion shops.

However, you have an edge because your business plan has a focus and a specific, narrowed brand. Now the fun part begins: shopping!

Women’s fashion is a huge and diverse market. You can use your target market to guide your stocking choices. Still not sure? Read on for some examples.
Using Esgesee’s wide variety of shirts, let’s plan stock for some imaginary brands:

Your brand is classic, vintage-inspired professional wear. Your target market is women who work in office settings but still want to rep a little Jane Eyre without being too kitschy. Some examples of product to stock:

the best latest style korean fashion
• Flounced Long Sleeved Chiffon Shirt: https://www.esgesee.com/shop/sizem-es313610-high-quality-korean-style-flounced-long-sleeve-chiffon-shirt-polka-dot/


baju korean style lengan panjang online
• Lantern Style Long Sleeved Top (Comes in three colors!): https://www.esgesee.com/shop/es316519-lantern-style-women-long-sleeve-top-red/


korean women fashion shopping online
• Vertere New Style Top: https://www.esgesee.com/shop/es724097-vertere-korean-new-style-top-gray/

Your brand is minimal-detail urbanite functional wear. Your target market is city-living women who are looking for comfortable, functional clothing that can be worn anywhere from the supermarket or paired with heels for an art gallery opening.
Some examples of product to stock:

fashion online malaysia

• Blossom Bat Long Sleeved Shirt: https://www.esgesee.com/shop/sizem-es722376-korean-style-blossom-bat-long-sleeves-shirt-blue/

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• Long Sleeved Black Top: https://www.esgesee.com/shop/es314797-korean-girl-long-sleeve-top-black/

chiffon tops online for women

• Elegant Stripes Chiffon Shirt: https://www.esgesee.com/shop/es312893-elegant-women-stripes-chiffon-top-green/

Your brand is grunge, graffiti-artist inspired street wear. Your target market is the hip urban woman who lives in the grunge-y part of the city completely un-ironically. She is the opposite of a girl-y girl and enjoys drinking whiskey.
See examples of product to stock:


t-shirt big lips women online

• Big Lips T Shirt: https://www.esgesee.com/shop/sizel-es722003-korean-style-big-lips-t-shirt-black/


online fashion shopping women t-shirts
• Camo Chiffon Top: https://www.esgesee.com/shop/es722520-korean-style-loose-camouflage-chiffon-top-army-green/

trendy long sleeve t-shirt Korean style

• Duplex Color Long Sleeved Shirt: https://www.esgesee.com/shop/sizel-es315654-korean-girl-duplex-color-long-sleeve-t-shirt-green/

Check out the Esgesee blog for more info to help build your women’s fashion empire! For other wholesale and drop ship products to browse through, check out the “shop” page.
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